Standardized Cloud Hosting

As developers today we have countless options for cloud hosting providers. However, each offers a different environment, configuration process, and most annoyingly, every service requires a new account and has its own billing setup.

What if there were a standardized hosting protocol that enables developers to deploy their code to multiple hosts in seconds -- even without a dedicated ops team?

Codius standardizes both the execution environment and billing so that deploying code to any number of hosts requires negligible time and effort.

Codius is an open source platform that can be adopted by new and existing hosting providers. It is the next step in the evolutionary chain from bare-metal, to VM-based cloud hosting, to services and tools like Heroku and Docker that reduce the complexity of deploying to varied environments.

Codius makes hosting so simple that programs can even pay for themselves, on the same host or others. Welcome to the world of smart programs!