Codius fits into the middle tier of the standard three-tier architecture:

Codius 3-Tier Architecture

Previously, most distributed applications in the cryptocurrency community were written in such a way that clients interacted directly with ledgers/blockchains (databases). However, oftentimes applications need to interact with multiple clients, multiple ledgers/blockchains and other Internet services. An application logic layer is the ideal place to host such functionality.

How Codius works

Codius is a hosting platform and accompanying client. We generally distinguish two roles:

  • Codius Hosts are companies or individuals who are looking to earn money by operating servers to host other people's applications. They use codius-host in order to provide the necessary APIs for uploading apps.

  • Developers create applications and deploy them on top of Codius. They use codius-cli to locally test, package and upload apps.

Both codius-cli and codius-host utilize codius-engine in order to run applications isolated from each other and from the outside world.

Architecture Diagram